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Oct. 15: ExploreMore! Bird Walk at the Wheat Ridge Greenbelt

This month we will be going down to the Wheat Ridge Greenbelt which has a nice mix of habitats, and always seems to deliver a great variety of birds…

Oct. 6: Spirit Trees of the Shining Mountains

As Audubon members, a large part of our “take” on the natural world revolves around the nonhuman: the birds, mammals, plants and ecosystems that make up the lovely part of this planet…

October 5: Explore More! Bird Walk – Colorado Corvid Chase!

Join Marilyn Rhodes for our First-Wednesday Explore More! Bird Walk on October 5th, from 7:00 AM to noon. This month we will be going on a Colorado Corvid Chase…

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Highlights from September 17 Bird Walk to Bear Creek Lake Park

When eight of us arrived at Bear Creek Lake Park on Saturday, September 17, we found that we were just in time for the commencement of the Bear-It-All Off-Road Triathlon

Ninth Year of Breeding Bird Atlas Completed

Evergreen Audubon has been documenting breeding bird behavior throughout the Bear Creek Watershed since 2008. In doing this, we look for any signs of breeding…

What a Fish Knows: The inner lives of our underwater cousins

Did you know that a bright-orange Midas cichlid returns repeatedly to be stroked, picked up, and tossed back into the water by a person?

Wild Evergreen: Black Bears preparing for hibernation

Black bears have lived in the foothills and forests of Colorado since long before the pioneers arrived and are familiar to many of us residing in the high country.

Wild Evergreen: Evergreen Elk Rut – Love is in the Air!

The peak of elk rut in Colorado generally lasts from mid-September to mid-October, although it is often possible to hear elk bugling into November. The scene of tens to hundreds of elk

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Jefferson County Hall of Fame Award Honoree: Sylvia Brockner

The Jefferson County Hall of Fame Awards recognize leaders in business,...