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July 29 Explore More! Hike for Kids (and Families!)

This week’s Explore More! Adventure for Kids and Families will meet at O’Fallon Park. Each Friday throughout the summer, the Evergreen Nature Center hosts a special family-friendly hike…

Aug 3 – First-Wednesday Explore More! Bird Walk

Join Chuck Aid for our First-Wednesday Explore More! Bird Walk on Aug 3, from 7:00 AM to noon. This month we will be going to Beaver Meadows in the Elk Management Area.

August 4 Chapter Meeting: How gold made our mountain home

Gold—bright and rich as the Colorado sun that graces our Rocky Mountains, and a metal that women and men have tried to move mountains to discover. Gold has played a central role in the development of the Front Range of Colorado…

Aug 20 – Third-Saturday Explore More! Bird Walk

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN. Join Chuck Aid for our Third-Saturday Explore More! Bird Walk Aug 20, from 7:00 AM to noon. This month we will be going to the Bergen Peak State Wildlife Area.

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Evergreen Audubon’s Breeding Bird Atlas

Evergreen Audubon began the Bear Creek Watershed Breeding Bird Atlas (BBA) in 2008, and like other BBA’s that are conducted world-wide we are engaged in an attempt to provide information on the distribution, abundance, habitat preference, and breeding success of birds in a specific region. Currently in its ninth year…

How to be a bad birdwatcher

Simon Barnes is a most unlikely individual to be writing a book about birdwatching. He is an award-winning chief sportswriters for The Times (London, UK) and author of a dozen books, including three on wildlife. He lives in Suffolk, UK, where he is proud to be a bad birdwatcher. His dedication at the opening of the book is classic: “To my father–the first bad birdwatcher I ever met. He taught me all he knew.” Barnes declares in his first sentence, “I am a Bad Birdwatcher…”

Highlights from July 16 Bird Walk in the Elk Management Area

Six of us had a great morning up in the Elk Management Area. The road improvements done this summer are outstanding, and it’s wonderful to be able to drive up into that neck of the woods without having to contend with horrendous ruts and bulging boulders – almost as good as the Interstate. First of all, on the drive up…

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Seeking Volunteers for Estate Sale to Benefit Evergreen Audubon

The sons of Dan and Rachel Norton are donating the proceeds of an Estate Sale of some of their late parents’ possessions to Evergreen Audubon. Dan and Rachel were long time Evergreen Audubon members. We are very thankful for their sons’ generous gesture. We will need you’re help to make the sale a big success…