UpcomingBird Seed Sales – Fall of 2017

  • 2017 Fall Bird Seed Sale
    October 5, 2017
    5:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Order Deadline: Monday, September 18th
Pickup Date: Thursday, October 5th from 5:30 – 8:00 PM at the Education Center
Enjoy feeding the birds & support Evergreen Audubon

Help support Evergreen Audubon while you feed the birds this fall and winter.

We are working with Front Range Birding Company and a local seed supplier to bring you some of the best bird seed available. A portion of every sale will be donated to us to support our programs and initiatives. You can order with a credit card below or print out this form and mail us your order with a check. Learn about the various seeds and seed mixes we are offering below.

We must have all orders, both online and via mail, in by Monday, September 18th. You will be able to pick up your order  between 5:30 and 7:00 PM on Thursday, October 5th right before our monthly chapter meeting at the Evergreen Audubon Education Center 29997 Buffalo Park Rd. If you cannot get your seed on this day/time, please arrange to have someone else pick it up for you. We will not have any extra seed on the pick up day, so order now to be sure you get some!

Unclaimed bags of bird seed will be returned to Front Range Birding Company and no refunds will be given.

Questions?  Email Colleen Kulesza.  Need advice on bird feeding? Visit http://www.audubon.org/news/bird-feeding-tips to learn all about best practices, tips, and more.


Patio Blend – Hulled sunflower, hulled millet & peanut pieces: no mess and no sprouting!  Attracts chickadees, nuthatches, woodpeckers, and jays.
Song Bird BlendBlack oil sunflower, millet, safflower, peanut pieces & hulled sunflower.
Medium Sunflower ChipsNo mess and no millet.
SafflowerDeters squirrels.  Attracts chickadees, nuthatches, and finches.
NyjerGoldfinch and Pine Siskin favorite!!
Finch BlendNyjer, fine sunflower chips, hulled millet.
Shelled PeanutsWoodpeckers, chickadees, nuthatches, jays & squirrels.
Hulled MilletGreat for winter juncos, and no sprouting in the spring.
Cracked CornDucks, doves, and squirrels.
No Milo No Mess BlendWhite proso millet, red proso millet, black oil sunflower, wheat, cracked corn.
Nut and Fruit blendAttracts chickadees, nuthatches, and woodpeckers.
Nature Blend – corn, peanuts-in-shell, etc. Attracts jays and squirrels.
Peanuts in the shellAttracts jays, woodpeckers, and squirrels.
High Energy Suet 12/case – Attracts chickadees, nuthatches.







Venue Phone: 303-900-8586

29997 Buffalo Park Rd, Evergreen, Colorado, 80439, United States

Evergreen Audubon now has an extension of the Nature Center. This location has classrooms and access to the trails at Alderfer Three Sisters Open Space for the many educational programs we offer. Monthly Chapter Meetings are located here the first Thursday of every month. This is the primary location for staff as well so stop by to visit.

Price Qty
Patio Blend 20#show details + $38.70 (USD)*  
Patio Blend 5#show details + $10.88 (USD)*  
Song Bird Blend 30#show details + $33.20 (USD)  
Songbird Blend 15#show details + $19.82 (USD)*  
Songbird Blend 4#show details + $6.90 (USD)*  
Med. Sunflower Chips 20#show details + $42.68 (USD)*  
Med Sunflower Chips 5#show details + $12.87 (USD)*  
Safflower 20#show details + $29.76 (USD)*  
Safflower 5#show details + $9.88 (USD)*  
Nyjer 20#show details + $51.62 (USD)*  
Nyjer 5#show details + $15.85 (USD)*  
Finch Blend 20#show details + $48.64 (USD)*  
Finch Blend 5#show details + $13.86 (USD)*  
Shelled Peanuts 20#show details + $35.72 (USD)*  
Shelled Peanuts 5#show details + $10.88 (USD)*  
Hulled Millet 20#show details + $22.80 (USD)*  
Hulled Millet 5#show details + $7.90 (USD)*  
Cracked Corn 20#show details + $14.85 (USD)*  
Cracked Corn 5#show details + $5.91 (USD)*  
No Milo No Mess Blend 40#show details + $19.82 (USD)*  
Fruit and Nuts Blend 20#show details + $37.71 (USD)*  
Nature Blend 15#show details + $25.60 (USD)  
Peanuts-in-the-Shell 25#show details + $48.91 (USD)*  
High energy Suet (12/case)show details + $22.03 (USD)*  

* price includes taxes

Author: Colleen Kulesza

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