Evergreen Nature Center interior The Evergreen Nature Center Visitor Assistant provides visitors with a welcoming atmosphere and information on the importance of the lake environment, local birds, fish and other wild animals and their habitats.  Visitor Assistants also perform administrative tasks related to the daily operation of the Nature Center.

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In 2013, we reorganized the ENC volunteer program to make volunteering more exciting for you!  Our new training will include CPR and First Aid, as well as basic natural history. The new self-guided exhibit panels and volunteer science project will make volunteering a fun learning experience! Look for upcoming opportunities in the Dipper and/or email Colleen Kulesza at encdirector@evergreenaudubon.org to learn more!

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Volunteer Visitor Assistant


  • Offers impromptu exhibit vignettes and assists with interpretation of displays
  • Answers basic questions about the Nature Center, Audubon, Evergreen Audubon and the local environment.
  • Opens or Closes the Nature Center
  • Records visitor attendance
  • Answers phone inquiries
  • Sells Nature Center merchandise


  • Possess good interpersonal skills.
  • Have the ability to represent the Evergreen Nature Center in a professional manner.
  • Possess a basic understanding of natural processes, preferably those related to Evergreen Lake and its environment.
  • Complete a background check before working with visitors.
  • Complete an application and be formally accepted as a volunteer.
  • Obtain First Aid and CPR training.


  • Nature Center Director

Time Commitment:

    • 12 hours or 4 3-hour shifts per season (April-October)
    • After completing the 12 hour commitment, volunteers receive free individual ENC program registration for the rest of the season.


Volunteers must complete at least 4-6 hours of training, including 3 hours of on-the-job training and 1-3 hours of Visitor Assistant Training and Volunteer Training. ENC/ Evergreen Audubon Adult programs and chapter meetings count toward training requirement.

Additional Volunteer Opportunities:

More volunteer opportunities:

  • Field Trip Coordinator
    Coordinate Audubon field trips and solicit leaders for field trips if needed.
  • Communications Committee Members Needed
    Submit events to print and online publications. Distribute flyers for special Audubon events to local businesses in the Bergen Park, downtown Evergreen, and CO-73/CO-74 corridor. Several people who live in different areas and could distribute near their homes would be ideal. If you’re interested, please contact Melissa Leasia, Communication Director.
  • Join Us on the 2017 Bluebird Trail—Become a Bluebird Volunteer
    Are you tried of shoveling snow after the big storm in February? Are you looking forward to seeing our returning Mountain and Western Bluebirds? In March and April, adult bluebirds return to our area. Nest site selection, pair formation, breeding, egg laying, and brooding then begin. Both species nest in tree cavities, though they readily accept nest boxes. We can easily see their activities in Evergreen’s Ponderosa Pine-Douglas Fir woodland.  Evergreen Audubon, in collaboration with Jefferson County Open Space, has two bluebird nest box trails, with 35 boxes in Elk Meadow Open Space and 25 boxes in Alderfer/Three Sisters Open Space. In 2011, volunteers banded several adults and fledglings.As a volunteer, you work with a leader to make biweekly walking visits along the nest box trails. We get started in March and continue through July and August. We hope to see returning bluebirds banded during past monitoring seasons.As a Bluebird Volunteer, you help observe and record adult arrival, nest building, and the number of eggs and chicks in each box. We even find other species in the boxes. Systematic observation of Colorado’s migratory breeding birds lets us monitor variations in life cycle events, reproductive success, and changes in species distribution and abundance. The information you help collect adds to the growing Evergreen Audubon database of bluebird breeding success in our area. We also enter our results in the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology NestWatch database. These data contribute to the monitoring and scientific understanding of North American breeding birds.

Volunteer Events

2017 Volunteer Open Houses
New dates coming soon!

Come learn about volunteer opportunities for the Evergreen Nature Center, including Visitor Assistants, Program Assistants and Behind-the-Scene Projects. Stop by the Nature Center anytime during the open house to speak with the center’s Director and to see what’s new and exciting at the Nature Center.  More Info: 303-330-0489

2017 Volunteer Training
New dates coming soon!

Throughout the summer, ENC will be offering weekday and weekend opportunities for casual learning in a social atmosphere. Each month we will concentrate on a particular exhibit and Evergreen’s currently present wildlife and plants.

CPR Training
Several Opportunities to take the class at Evergreen Fire and Rescue

CPR is an essential life skill that could help save the life of someone you love. More info on upcoming courses is coming soon!

Thank You past Evergreen Audubon and Evergreen Nature Center volunteers!