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“In the last two decades, childhood has moved indoors. The average American child spends as little as 30 minutes in unstructured outdoor play each day and as much as 7 hours each day in front of an electronic screen” (University of Michigan Institute for Social Research). Multiple studies demonstrate that exposure to nature helps kids become more physically fit, helps prevent future health challenges, and develops balance, focus, risk-assessment skills, and better vision. Nature also helps kids manage stress, build confidence, and stay healthy. All true for adults as well!

The Evergreen Nature Center (ENC), a project of Evergreen Audubon, is entering its 10th season in 2017.  We have become a “fixture” at the historic warming hut on Evergreen Lake and offer up to 14,000 visitors a season access to information, wildlife displays and interactive programs to put them in touch with our Bear Creek Watershed, an amazing place that covers over 7,000 feet in elevation and several different ecosystems.  In our 10th season at ENC (and our 49th as a local organization!), we are excited and proud to announce that we are realizing a long-held dream.  We have expanded our commitment to our mountain community to include year-round programs for children and adults, with qualified naturalists, to learn about nature and the unique place we call the Bear Creek Watershed. To accomplish this, we have leased additional education space on Buffalo Park Road near Alderfer/Three Sisters Park and developed camps and after-school programs that will begin this spring and continue throughout the year.

To keep the dream a reality, we need your help.  Your contributions help keep our doors open and make everything we accomplish possible. Our members and friends contribute a large percentage of our budget for the ENC each year.  In supporting the ENC, you help to ensure that a generation of children (and adults) in our community will experience and appreciate the natural world we live in and may reap the lifelong benefits of the enjoyment of nature.