Local Birding

Great Blue Heron standing on one leg next to water

Great Blue Heron (c) Sherman Wing

Bird Checklists

We maintain a checklist of birds that can be found within the Bear Creek Watershed during all seasons of the year. The Watershed, roughly, extends from C-470 in the east to Summit Lake in the west and I-70 in the north to US-285 in the south.

This checklist is an update of the one produced by Kent Simon in 2000 and represents information from the Birds in the Balance and Bear Creek Breeding Bird Atlas projects, the Christmas Bird Count, and other incidental observations. It is organized by families and reflects the taxonomic opinion of the 50th Supplement of the American Ornithologists Union’s Checklist of North American Birds. The Bear Creek Watershed checklist is updated annually.

Bear Creek Watershed Bird 2017 Checklist (PDF)
Map of the Bear Creek Watershed (PDF)
Evergreen Lake Checklist (PDF)

Other regional checklists created by Colorado Field Ornithologists
Jefferson County Bird Checklist (PDF)
Clear County Bird Checklist (PDF)
Colorado State Bird Checklist (PDF)

Male yellow-headed blackbird in breeding color perched on a sedge and singing

Yellow-headed Blackbird (c) Alistair Montgomery

Local Sightings

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2017 Birding Challenge

Last year, we launched the 2016 Bear Creek Watershed Birding Challenge to mark the 100th birthday of the Migratory Bird Treaty between the United States and Canada. At least 13 Audubon members met the challenge of seeing 100 species in the watershed and joined the “Centennial Club”. Combined, these folks observed 183 species in the watershed last year!

After some discussion at the banquet in January, we decided to expand the scope of the challenge for 2017, but still include Audubon’s focus area of the Bear Creek Watershed. This year’s challenges are to observe one-third of the recorded species in one or more of the following areas:
Bear Creek Watershed – spot 106 of 318
Jefferson County – spot 129 of 387
Clear Creek County – spot 71 of 212
Colorado – spot 166 of 499

Checklists for each area are above.

Note that these lists are not mutually exclusive and you can keep as many of the four lists as you would like. A species counts if you can confidently identify it through sight or sound within that area. Be sure to join us on our numerous guided bird walks throughout the year to complete the challenge. Check the calendar for upcoming walks. As last year, the challenge will run throughout the calendar year from January 1 to December 31, 2017. Winners will be announced and acknowledged at our annual banquet in January of 2018.