President’s Report – December 2017

December is always a busy time for Evergreen Audubon. It starts out with Colorado Gives on Tuesday, December 5, followed by our chapter meeting on December 7 and ending the month with our 49th Christmas Bird Count and Tally Rally on December 17. Hope you all can join us for the festivities.

Normally at our year-end chapter meeting we vote to elect a slate of new and changing board members. We are not ready to make this vote because we have not yet filled the open positions of Vice President and Secretary. Instead of an election, I will be proposing a change to our by-laws which would eliminate term-limits. Currently, officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary) are limited to two (2) consecutive 2-year terms and directors (Education/Programming, Communications, Bird Monitoring, Conservation, Development, Social and At Large) are limited to three (3) consecutive 3-year terms. In theory, term-limits are a good best-practice; however, this year, we find ourselves with open board positions and nobody who is willing to serve other than the term-limited officers who are vacating those positions. Therefore, at the December chapter meeting we will vote to change the by-laws and if that vote passes, at the February chapter meeting we will vote on a new board slate which may include existing officers. By delaying the board election, this will also give members a chance to come forward to run for the two open positions. If the proposed change to the by-laws is not passed at the December chapter meeting, we will delay the election until we can recruit new board members. If you are an active Evergreen Audubon member and can’t attend the December meeting, please send me ( your proxy vote as to whether you agree or disagree with the proposed change to the by-laws to eliminate term-limits.  If you are interested in running for the board or have any questions about our by-laws, please contact me as well. Board position descriptions can be found on our website . Keep in mind these descriptions are general guidelines and we tend to shift and share tasks depending on the skill set of the standing board.

Don’t forget, before the chapter meeting we will be having a meet-n-greet for new Audubon Members.  We will be meeting at the Education Center in our upstairs classrooms at 6pm. Please remember to RSVP to me if you are able to come so we can plan accordingly.

Just one month left in the 2017 birding challenge; hope you’ve seen, or will see, 106 species in the watershed or 129 in Jefferson County or 71 or Clear Creek County or 166 in Colorado.

Season’s Greetings!


Author: Kathy Madison

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