President’s Report – October 2017

Fall is definitely here and the down comforter is on the bed.  The comforter is a combination of duck and goose down which got me thinking about how I first became interested in birds; ducks in particular. I was living in New England and became fascinated by folk art and duck decoys. I was paying attention to wooded ducks more than the real ones. Then we moved to the Oregon coast and I saw the beautiful Eiders, Harlequins and real Wood ducks; that’s when I think I became a birder. Not a great birder, but I did start paying attention to our feathered friends.  Ducks are a great way to get started on a birding journey. Ducks often stay in one place; they typically hang out in groups and they are hardly ever obscured in a thicket of leaves. Not that there aren’t challenges with identifying ducks; they dive and disappear or dip their heads in the water to feed only to give you a glimpse of their back ends. But, when they are visible, you can start learning to spot details on their wings or markings on their heads. And as we head into winter and the lakes start freezing, ducks will gathering in the open water at Harriman and Soda lakes giving you an opportunity to see a variety of species.

Fall is a great time to think about all the things you still want to accomplish this year or start planning for next year.  Your Evergreen Audubon board is doing both.  We will be packing up the Nature Center on Saturday, October 14th and we will be planning and building new exhibits for next year’s season.  If you are interested in helping with these tasks, please contact Colleen at:  We are also planning for the 2018 changes to the board of directors.  Both Brad Andres and Lisa Wald have reached their term limits and David Walker has decided not to continue on the board.  I can’t thank them enough for serving on the board and making the last few years some of the most productive.  If you are interested in joining the board, which would give you a chance to get involved with not just Evergreen Audubon but become more aware with what is happening around Evergreen, please contact me at:

Speaking of community awareness.  The Science & Cultural Facilities District (SCFD) once again recognized our contribution to Jefferson County by awarding us just over $12,000. We also were recognized by Jeff and Holly Brekke during a house party they hosted to raise funds for a handful of non-profits. We received just over $2,500 from their efforts.  Thank You!

There are just two months left to see or hear your species for the 2017 Birding Challenge, so get out there and find some ducks.


Author: Kathy Madison

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