Rachel Hutchison, Treasurer

Rachel HutchisonRachel grew up in New England and lived in Maryland before moving to Evergreen a little over 10 years ago.  Her father was an ornithologist and her grandmother was a bird lover.  Between the two of them, she learned the eastern birds but, while she liked birds and always had a feeder out, they were never much of an obsession for her.  When she moved to Evergreen, she realized that she needed to learn to identify western birds. She discovered that there were groups of people who got together to do birdy things and she started attending Evergreen Audubon meetings. When Brad Andres asked if anyone would like to help out on the bluebird nest box monitoring, she nearly jumped out of her chair to volunteer! That was the start of her active participation in Evergreen Audubon.

The first year Rachel was a member, she went on every bluebird walk and birding trip and she attended every chapter meeting. She became the cookie refreshment person. Then she became a nest box monitoring leader. The board president kept asking her to be on the board but she always said no because it sounded scary. Finally, when the treasurer position became vacant, she stepped up. She says that even now, with many years of attending Chapter meetings and a few years as treasurer, the true scope of all that Evergreen Audubon does is still a mystery to her.

Rachel says that the experience of being the treasurer of such an active and vibrant group has broadened her knowledge of the mountain community, greatly enhanced her technical skills, and been the source of many new friendships. Additionally, she says, “I am totally addicted to the Evergreen Audubon and birding now.”

Rachel has a bachelor’s degree in Biology, a master’s in Education (Human Services) and a doctorate in Optometry. She has taught high school, served as an officer in the US Army, and owned a private optometry practice. Retired now, Rachel’s days are busy volunteering for several local nonprofits, often as treasurer, reading, learning wildflower identification, quilting, and honing her investment skills in addition to hiking, birdwatching and generally having a good time.